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Dennis Ritchie Passed Away Oct 8, 2011

He was the co-inventor of UNIX and C - has passed away at the age of 70.

This site is dedicated to Unix Programming, Methods, and applications, anyone wishing to contribute or assist please contact me:
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Advantages of using the Unix operating system

In Unix there are many Programming Languages, most new languages tend to be developed on Unix or are ported to it very quickly. Most have compilers available for free with full source code, Everything from Forth, COBOL, Fortran, Basic, Logo, Pascal, Modula2, Prolog, Smalltalk and Lisp are available and many with server version also.
But these are not what I think of when I think Unix programming. Unix is from it's roots tied to C. It was written in C and C was developed to write the Unix OS, there history's are forever connected. In addition there are the Shell languages Csh, Bourn Shell (sh) , tcl, bash. And Derivatives that have become languages onto there own, Perl, Python.

For this site I want to focus on the Unix Specifics of C for kernel and user land. Csh, Sh, and some perl.

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Church of BSD

SLASHDOT Backissue finder


Video Technology Magazine is starting a V4L2 Section

June 17, 2005 Release of SchilliX 0.1 Open Solaris Live CD.

June 14, 2005 Open Solaris

James Sparenburg "Yep.... but it is attracting some development. Mostly people porting Linux/BSD software to it."

Eric Raymonds reaction. "It didn't have anything new and interesting 5 years ago when I could have seen the source. I didn't look then, why look now."

Old School

 tar -cf - * | rsh -l sokol "tar -xf -"

Back in the day we called this a "Tar Pipe" back before "scp -r" . I just needed to use it to copy files from and old FreeBSD 3.2 machine from May 1999.

Incredible History of Unix site the flowchart of the history here is amazing!

Linux Documentation Project Guides An excellent resource, and check out the Pocket-Linux-Guide

Linux Distro List

The Linux Show!!. "TLS" as many of our community of listeners now call it, is the oldest, longest running and without question most listened to webcast focused on Open Technology in the known universe

Unix FAQ

UNIX Programming , Lecture

FreeBSD, Stealth-Growth Open Source Project
"FreeBSD also continues to show up on Netcraft's list of the most stable hosting providers on OS platforms. In its May 2004 survey, for example, Netcraft reported that four out of the top 10 hosts ran on FreeBSD. Linux also claimed four. Windows showed up on two of the 10. "

FreeSBIE - Version of FreeBSD that boots directly from the CD without installation!    Knoppix is very similar for Debian Linux

Checkout the Ultimate BSD and Unix image collection, here for directory listing

Ultimate Anti-Mircosoft image collection

Why you should always compile optimized code

The Smallest Unix Program

FreeBSD Assembly Language Tutorial ***** Five Stars

How to use Printer port D/A in FreeBSD Shows how to access I/O from user space

Unix Socket FAQ

Van Jacobson, "Design Changes to the Kernel Network Architecture for 4.4BSD" 4.4BSD Class, Berkeley, Calif., May 1992.

Simple BSD Exploits don't complain if these are lame, d00Z 1 k33P d4 L33t h4X p|21V4+E.

History of 386 BSD documents, new posts and talks

AWK Programming

SED FAQ for those that love SED

BC and PHP programming and bignum programming

Using GREP

An Introduction To Shell Programming

The C shell CSH manual In PDF

A list of DOS commands, and their UNIX counterparts

Q: How does a Unix guru have sex?

A: unzip; strip; touch; finger; mount; fsck; more; yes; umount; sleep

PDF Unix manuals

Networking Implementation Notes for BSD 4.3 In PDF This is the Full Documentation for the BSD TCP/IP Networking Stack

The VI Editor

Vi was called clumsy yet fast and efficient and it was mentioned that since vi is standard with Unix systems, it is always available and is ubiquitous. While vi was said to start up fast, run fast and have the fastest interface of the two, emacs was called big and slow.

The VI manual In PDF
VI Cheet sheet, very useful - FRONT - , - BACK -
Introducing VI

The Cult of VI

How to connect 4 displays, mice and keyboards to your Linux box, Linux Multi-Head

I ran across an excellent site if your into FreeBSD.
FreshPorts is a guide and forum for the FreeBSD Ports Collection

FreeBSD Jails paper Jails privides the ability to limit Root's privleges in the Unix enviornment

Just released Jul 23, 2004 - Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System
By Marshall Kirk McKusick, George Neville-Neil ISBN: 0201702452

For those who don't know the ports collection is one of the best features of FreeBSD I hope to do a write up on it soon, but basically say to want to compile an opensource application, just cd to /usr/ports/devel/cscope and type "make" then "make install" this downloads the latest version applies patches and installs it.

Free Unix Operating systems List of BSD and Linux Variants

BSD vs Linux

News and Discussion sites

SlashDot ***** Five Start *****, a must read for daily Unix and Techie News
SlashDot BSD section
Librenix BSD section and Linux section
Kernel Trap
Daemon News
BSD Mall
OpenBSD Journal
bsd forums
BSD Newsletter Linux News
Linux Devices
OS News *****
BSD Center
Unix Guru Universe Discussion Forum
Linux Docs
LinuxElectronics, Linux with a hardware slant

There are many more but I don't want to get into it.

Learn and Use Unix while operating just in Windows!

Putty - SSH secure shell for windows
Poderosa is a tabbed terminal emulator for Windows it's even more adavanced then Putty.
Lemmy - VI for windows User 1 password 1, you didn't see this ;)
Cygwin - A full unix shell for Windows
Hummingbird Exceed - Full X Server for Windows

Java SSH Client See Mindterm

Trojan & Worm Internet Port Numbers

NoBell, Linux Notes